Saturday, January 16, 2010

saturday is a special day......

Do any of you remember that song we learned as children? Saturday is a special day, its the day we get ready for Sunday.........I lived that pretty religously while I still had children at home.(I'v gotten lazy)I remember once leaving to go shopping and saying to My Manly Man" this house had better still be clean when I get home!" Poor guy! So, I taught the song to Luna this morning, and she was really a good helper! I was actually just so happy that I felt like cleaning!

After we cleaned the kids room they set up the trains, and had fun .

there were socks to be matched

the loft to clean up

stairs to dust

a tolit to clean.

Then came the real fun........Lance had told me he wanted to take something apart.I was so thrilled he asked first..It didn't take long to find grandma Cozy's old printer in the garage. We lay out a cloth on the kitchen floor and began the distruction. He'd need help getting some of the screws started, but, we had great fun . His enthusiasm was catching, and it was awesome. THREE HOURS later I told him I just had to take a break, so it's still not quite finished. Half way through he clipped some wires and said "well it won't work again".

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