Wednesday, January 13, 2010

wally land

Do any of you have wal-mart stories?

Personally I love wal-mart and make a 10 mile trip every so often....actually its when my hair needs to be dyed, so....that'd be every couple months?? Oh, and when I need my Alternative bagels.

So, we got our car out of the shop (again!!) last night and Jim proudly tells me I have my car back. Then this morning he's taking it to work! I quickly get ready and take him to work so I can have that car! And bad Grandma that I am, I didn't want to be around the children who had been throwing up this morning. Oh, I didn't want to be sick, we'll see if I dodge it.

So after Visiting teaching I head to wal-mart. It took me a couple hours to cruise the store...I finally get up to the check stand and......guess what? debit card! arg! I told her I'd go home and get it...she said she'd have to put away all the cold stuff. I headed out to the car and couldn't find my keys in my purse, then thinking I locked them in the car. Low and behold their they were on the ground by my car!

As I was sitting in the car I remembered I had seen Jims mom in the store(funny) I called her to see if she was still she had just left to go to Michaels.So, she turned around and came back and let me use her debit card.Thank heavens!

Is Wal-mart suppose to be that stressful?


  1. Sorry Linda, but your post made me LOL:-)
    I'd be dodging the kids too! Hope you don't catch it. Nice of Jim's mom to turn around for you. You're so lucky nobody grabbed your keys and drove away with your car!
    Don has our car today, it will be great when he gets his truck!!The only stress I've ever experienced at Walmart in the past is it being crowded, but now I go late at night, it's right up the road from us.

  2. ya made me LOL also !!! sounds like me....yes I am trying to stay away Andy also (but I have been babysitting him tonight) but it doesn't work well..I have been healty and want to stay that way. Good luck! Penny

  3. Those kinds of stories usually involve Costco for me. My Walmart trips are pretty mundane.

    Wow. You know how to keep me from visiting. We sure don't want the pukes around here!

    Love you!

  4. I never really surf blogs. today i did...and I'm so glad i did, because i ran across yours. Thanks for sharing your Walmart story when I so desperately needed to laugh today.