Monday, January 18, 2010

what a day

We can't complain about Western Washingtons winters today! I came home from helping a friend this morning and was planning on finishing up my daughters quilt so I could send it over with my daughter-in-law who is visiting her tomarrow .(Their going to Forks, for all you Twilight fans!) But when I got home everyone was outside and it was 60 degrees out! I couldn't bring myself to go inside! We raked, swept, burned,got out the riding lawnmower(my baby),charged up the battery and Lance and I went riding up and down the road, even mowed alittle. Children running all over , it was almost like summer. Oh, I can't wait. I really miss hanging my cloths out on the line. Something to look forward too!

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  1. Linda,
    Let me just start out and say you don't know me. I just started a blog and I was going through the blogs and found yours. I like it! I saw lots of pictures of your family and grandparents and thought you might like to submit a story of yours to my project. I am collecting stories of our relatives and ways they conserved, prepared, and grew food. I also live in Western washington.
    Kind regards, Beth