Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I don't usually attend the bee association meetings, actually I don't think I'm even a member. My Manly Man and daughter Rachel are heavily involved in it and help with the booth at the county fair every year.
Last night they had a guest speaker from Whidby Island.His name was Bradford Weeks M.D., hailing from Vermont until 1993.(which is when we moved here from TX).He has extensive background in bee therapy, traveled all over the world studying and learning what other countries have discovered about bee therapy. Most countries are much more open to using bee therapy and much more respectful of the "bee" . He is an M.D. and bee therapy isn't his main focus in his practice .
He needed to catch the ferry after the meeting but I was able to talk to him alittle.I asked him about sting therapy for fibermyalgia and he said that the pressure points were the best place to start, make sure I was always hydrated,and look at my magnesium level..... I'd really like to see him and be evaluated. He treats the whole body not just your symptoms which I feel is what I need.(everyone needs)
Anyway it was very enlightening, cementing my feelings that the bee and honey are to honored and revered.

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