Friday, February 26, 2010

mission impossible....

After breakfast this morning, I donned my coat, baseball cap,(its raining), found my manly mans fishing net again and headed out to catch me a Guinea hen! The first thing I thought was, this is going to be easy, because there he was hanging out with his buddy on the other side of the fence. I had my garden clogs on and the first thing that happened was I slipped, one shoe fell off, my foot landing in mud, ick! I quickly righted myself as I backed that little Guinea hen in a corner,covered him with the net, before he could fly.Once in the pen with his friend , he still wasn't happy, poor little fellow. The ducks were so funny, they just stood back in a group with a look on their face that said, "what's his problem?". Mission accomplished!

My second mission for today is my refrigerator. There's something lurking in the far corners ....that smells REALLY bad! You know how it is when every time you open the frig you get a wiff of something? Wish me good luck!


  1. Good luck...I hate slipping and falling...I fell two days ago and busted my butt on the way to the trash can...terra cotta tile belongs inside, not outside in the drizzle...

  2. hey dear.. wud u mind if i'll say that plz leave some comments on any of my blog posts? not in the chatterbox.. but in the posts itself.. if u dont mind.. i need it for my grade. :) thanks a lot.. i'll be looking forward for your comment :)

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  3. Don't you just hate that, when the boot comes off and the foot lands in the muck? Chicken coop muck is the worst! We're off to pick up some more laying hens this morning - not guinea hens though.

  4. Feed your birds with bread soaked in wine. 10 minutes later you just pick them up; and of course they come ready marinated from the inside.

    Best wishes, Cro.

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