Monday, March 29, 2010

"bee" not afraid....

For those of you that don't know , we, own an apiary supply store in our little town of Snohomish. We mostly sell equitment for keeping bees, honey, candle making supplies and every year in the spring we sell bees. We make a quick 1500 mile trip to California and pick up however many bees have been ordered.Our trailor  has been built to carry the bees holds 500 boxes. So, since that happens in a few weeks were gearing up for that. I use the word "were"  lightly because my only part in this usually is moral support and babysitting to free our daughter to help. I do insist on doing alittle vacuuming so I feel included. The picture above is from last year, just a few of the boxes going to the store to be picked up. The hitchhikers have to be vacuumed off or it'd be pandimonium at the store. So, as soon as their vacuumed they are wisked away to meet their new parents.Posted by PicasaMy mother-in-law lives in an apt. in our basement and she loves to vacuum also!    So,we had to find a truck this year, get the trailor fixed, find someone to drive with Jim. They take their time going down there but have to drive straight through coming back, hoping to bring healthy bees back.

 SO, "bee" not afraid, there are many people working hard to keep those bee's flying! Let's give them a big hand!


  1. Hello Linda. I enjoyed reading about your bees but what a distance to fetch them. I don't think I've travelled 1500 miles in one stint in my entire life. Could put Wales in your pocket :>). wishing you and your family a lovely peaceful Easter xxxx

  2. Gosh, I do wish I'd taken up bee-keeping when I was younger. Bee-keepers always seem to be such nice people; all that honey maybe?

    Keep on buzzin', Cro.