Saturday, April 10, 2010

kiwi anyone?

I bought this kiwi four or five years ago. It said it was self-pollinating. So, every year its leaves come out, healthy as can be, and it even flowers, but, no fruit, ever.

So, a couple years ago my Manly Man decided it needed some help and bought another kiwi and planted it just across the path. Still no kiwi.Its so nice we'll keep it anyway, but , my dreams of picking my own kiwi are looking more and more dim.

A few pictures of my devoted perennials that I could kiss every year for coming up over and over. As I walked around the yard yesterday I felt alittle discouraged, after two wind storms there were branches everywhere, just kinda messy and I still don't have the energy to play in the yard yet. What's most discouraging is that "baby" broke down , and she's not a priority right now , with bee week next week. I'm not throwing a fit, it's just that I like a neat yard. I know it'll all happen, just not on my time table.


  1. Hi Linda - what a great catch-up I've had around your last few posts. I loved the Easter eggs and the post about books. I hope books never go out of style - holding a Kindle isn't the same as turning a paper page. Your spring garden is looking very colourful - love the Kiwis! We tried them too but had little success.
    Have a great week!

  2. Commercial growers have Kiwis around here, and I believe the pollinator is very important. Maybe you have two females or two males??? I've never tried growing them.

    Love your old fence behind the tulips. It reminds me of my native Sussex.

    Getting hot here. Bisou, Cro.

  3. Cro, Jim made that fence out of the cedar trees we took down when we bought the house.Its getting to the point of needing to be repaired (rot).I'v asked for that for birthday and mother's day...that's how I get things done here! So, its hot there? Sounds nice right now. happy Sunday!

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