Tuesday, April 6, 2010

will books go out of style??

our granddaughters Lucy and Britton, absorbed in their books!

My mother-in-law came home from her winter retreat  a few weeks ago , proudly showing us her new e-book. It holds 700 books! It made me want to go right down and get one (til she told me the price!), it would be so handy to have that little thing in my purse, all my favorite books available in seconds. Then there is part of me that wonders if I could ever give up holding a "real" book in my hands. I have books all over my house and get  such joy just from looking at them. I guess I could do both right.

I told my youngest son once that I never saw him read, well he got real insulted and said that he probley read alot more than I did ,(he was probley right) but, on the computer.Now, he and his wife (who has an English degree) just finished wall to wall book shelves that they'ev filled with books!And their children love books also. One of my greatest joys as a mother was seeing my children read. Coming home from the library , everyone loaded down with books and the house would be silent as they all poured through their books. I loved it. I'v always thought Libraries were the greatest invention in the world, where everyone was welcome, poor and rich alike.

When we were sent to Houston, Texas to our first assignment for the FBI  our children were 9,7,5,3 & 1.Our oldest ones were quite the readers. One day just a few months after school had started I was out front raking leaves and a car drove up in the drive way.I was alittle shocked when the principle of the school got out. You can imagine the things that went through my head! She kindly greeted me and told me how every year the teachers nominate students to recieve a new set of encyclopedias once a year and both our children were nominated. Needless to say we were thrilled! Those encyclopedias I can honestly say were read everyday for the first year and then were used til they fell apart! It was such a blessing.

Don't laugh but , one of my favorite shows was "The Next Generation" with my beloved Jean-Luc Picard! My hubby already knows how I love him, so you don't have to tell on me!  Anyway I loved that he loved books, always reading the real thing.

I'm thrilled that my children have passed reading down to their children, who can always be seen with a book in their hands. I love that!

No, I don't think reading will ever go out of style!


  1. Okay, first of all...5 kids 9 and under...and you loved to tell the tale??? You are my hero.

    Okay, now then, books...I, too, thought I could never give up a real book, but I ended up consolidating all my christmas cash and gift cards and buying a kindle from amazon for around $259. And I love it! For various reasons that everyone already knows, and I wo't bother repeating. But I would want it to replace books entirely. I just ordered 3 new REAL books from amazon this week. The Joy of Cooking and a guide book and map book for the Camino del Santigo...a pilgrimage that you walk in Northwest Spain. There's room for both, I believe. I hope real books never go out of style...

  2. Wrong. I was 8, because I had already been baptized. Sorry. :)

    If you every want to buy a book for the Kangs, get them "The Secret School" by Avi. They would love it.

  3. Yea I may have to try one someday Ashleigh, it does sound nice! hmmmm and what are those various reasons??

  4. I just finished reading The Lorax by Dr Suess to Teddy. He is now asleep as I write this on my iPhone.

  5. When my children were small there were only two rules. 1. They were read a story EVERY night before bed. 2. We ALWAYS ate together around a table. Literature and gastronomy; two things that should follow us through life.

    Bisou, Cro.

  6. You know Cro, those are pretty important times in a childs day,lots of security in them. It makes me sad to see the dinner hour fading away, but, France has that down pretty well??

  7. Call me old fashioned, but I just can't imagine sitting down with a kindle (or similar device) and relaxing while reading a book. Turning the pages is half of the experience!

  8. Too many children are introduced to television when they should be introduced to books, in my opinion. My son absolutely loves books, and when I visited my mom's house, my brother (only 2 years older than my son) really latched to reading the books that I'd brought with me.

    I'm all for a reading revival!