Tuesday, May 4, 2010

hail and wind and sunshine oh my!

It definatly can't make up its mind the last few days! When the sun came out this morning I went out as soon as possible to start mowing my six inch lawn! And now my Baby's out there and I'm too big of a whimp to go out in the Hail to rescue her! Bad me! I'm not sure how much gardening is going to get done around here this summer, but, I think this every spring and we manage to get our veggies in at the last moment. Right now I feel extremely bad for anything thats up!  The ground is covered in white.

A few years ago we got a few shoots of "Fireweed" in the garden. We thought it was kinda neat and propped them up. Last year it was the same. But, this year it's all of a sudden exploded everywhere! I pulled a bunch out today and let me tell you it has a massive root system.If I had a pretty hillside or empty plot it'd be beautiful , but, not in with my flowers!

I'm totally amazed at what I just did! I ate a bowl of chocolate tofu pudding .....and it was delicious! And oh, so easy to make. I've always been kinda squimish (sp) about the whole tofu thing. So, if you want to try it , here's the simple recipe: 1 12 oz. box of silky tofu
                                     2 T. coco powder
                                     1 t. vanilla (which I forgot)
                                     2 T. maple syrup or 2 T. agave sweetner
I blended it with a hand mixer and it's ready to eat! Enjoy


  1. Wow! I'm glad the pudding turned out good. Pudding is such a nice simple pleasurable thing to eat when you need a sweet fix.

  2. Oooh fireweed makes some AMAZING honey! That pudding sounds surprisingly scrumptious, too!

  3. Global warming? It sounds like you're experiencing the same as here. We've had strong winds, driving rain, and temperatures back as low as 6 degrees C. Yuk.

    Tofu in BANNED in this house! Bisou, Cro.

  4. Cro...open mind...open mind...of course I don't have any choice, I've GOT to get my cholesterol down!

  5. I'll take your word for it on the tofu pudding - you're brave to try it!
    We had hail here today - and snow. It was the strangest day.

  6. Hi Linda. Our weather's gone a bit topsy turvy here too. Gone quite cold again and bucketing down with rain. I've never tried Tofu pudding - the jury is still out on that one.