Friday, May 28, 2010

maggies buns

Our daughter Sarah lives about 30 miles outside of Portland, Oregon in the little town of Forest Grove. It's a nice little college town , full of cute little shops and just little town stuff. Sarah introduced us to an eccentric little coffee shop that is always now a must stop when we visit.

I love what she did with the fence out front!

Lance on a trip with his mom there.

Nothing matches, which makes it the eccentric place that it is.

And here's the real reason we go.....huge cinnamon rolls for only two dollars! Day old only thirty cents!
I suddenly have an urge to go to Oregon!

Becky update: We had good news today. Their using the VAC  procedure to remove the  mass in her lung. That means its very non invasive. Three small holes in the back , one for the camara, one for instraments, and the three inch one to remove the mass , we thought it was pretty cool they bring it out in a baggy. This will make her recupperating time MUCH less. So, thank-ful! Felt alot of confidence in the surgeon.They'll remove her top lobe. The dr. would tell her about complications then she'd say but your young and healthy so none of that should be a problem. Her surgery will be June 9th. Her knees been bothering her so they'll do an MRI Wed. on that. Just in case. Becky and I had such a fun week hanging out, cancer cleaning, kid watching and catching up on favorite shows. Life goes on and it is good.
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  2. I love you mom! I see that Maggie's Buns trumps my cancer update!

  3. Hi Linda. I love the look of that little shop just outside Portland, Oregon. when I was a 13 year old school girl, in our school they started a penfriend thing going and I used to write to a girl called Nellie Everett (Everett is her married name) we continued to write to each other for years - long after we both married. She lived in Portland, Oregon. Have lost touch the last few years and often wondered how she is - strange that. So pleased Becky is doing so well. My manly man had lung cancer 12 years ago and it's been a hard long road but he has been clear for the last 2 years. He had surgery in Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham where they removed 40% of his lung. He's doing well and more than ever we appreciate what we've got. Becky is so much in my thoughts and prayers - especially June 9th when she has her surgery. Lots of love Molly xx

  4. Ah ha! It looks like the raining prayers had a good effect! I knew they would and we'll keep it up, kiddo! We've been through the cancer thing ourselves. My husband had 3rd stage prostate cancer and it's been 3 years with no sign of anything. When he had his colonoscopy the dr. felt something and made an appointment for a specialist while he was still in the recovery room. Thank goodness he didn't go by the PSA test or he would have been a goner by now. We are blessed!

  5. Still beaming prayers your way for Becky and her family. Today's update is really encouraging, so I hope Becky has a good weekend!

  6. I love your tea shop, and such good news for Becky. We'll all be thinking of her on the 9th.

    Enjoy your weekend, Cro.

  7. My love and prayers are every day for Becky, her doctors and the outcome. Steve and I'll be there for her! Just let me know what, when where. Love, Candy