Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vive la France! I got my geraniums planted!

As I pulled a few weeds this afternoon and planted my geraniums I was thinking about something....

..... if you never mowed your lawn, pulled weeds, and didn't keep the blackberries cut back, how long would
    it take till our house was covered, never to be seen again????

(update on my daughter: Tomarrow she will have her breast taken off, and then they'll address other things(which they haven't told us yet)Her biopsy is still being studied by numerous labs, which is good.) Thanks for your prayers friends.


  1. There's a book that answers your question:

    and they made it into a documentary:

  2. Linda,
    My prayers are with each of you. And, my heart aches with you.

  3. Life can be very cruel.

    Lady Magnon and I both send our very best wishes. Cro.

  4. A prayer at the keyboard - for your daughter, for her surgeon, for all of you.