Monday, June 21, 2010

were patiently waiting............

My Manly Man cleaned off the back porch and set up the table and chairs in anticipation for summer! Actually were suppose to have some nice days coming up here soon. My Manly Man planted the cabbage Saturday....we've NEVER planted this late but who would have thought it'd rain all of June and that we'd be too busy to plant! Ummmm..sourkraut to look forward too.

And who could complain about summer not being here when I'm getting to eat these on my cereal every morning!

Tonight Beckys friends are giving her a Bon Voyage party. Should be fun, lots of scarves, hats and jewelry.Tomarrow she'll be at the Cancer Care Alliance all day for blood work , orientation, ect......Wednesday she gets her port put in and Friday she starts chemo. Five days in the hospital every three weeks for 12-18 months oops weeks. Her dr. said when their young and healthy they like to hit it as hard as possible and it sounds like thats what's going to happen! Tues. night their having a head shaving party, her hubby already shaved his. What's my Manly Man going to look like bald??? Weird. I offered to shave mine but, she doesn't want any women shaving their heads, she said its bad enough she has to. Our daughter Sarah found a girl in Seattle that Henna's cancer patients heads for free. Its really quite beautiful. Sarah is coming Wed. night and taking Becky's children back home . That would be a total of 10 children at her house. What a saint! She'll bring them back when Becky's feeling well enough to have them. Man I love my children!

Well, back to mucking out my bedroom.


  1. I think we ladies should think about just getting very short (Lillyesque) haircuts - for solidarity. - shaving would be going to far, but I think I'm up for a pixie cut! You?

  2. How lovely a family that stick by each other through good times and bad ,wishing Becky all the love and good wishes and sending her a hug too.


  3. Lia, hmmmmm like a crew cut thing? I could do that! Call Beth and talk to her.

    Pat, thanks so much for your well wishes, very nice of you to think of us. best to you

  4. We too are still trying to send healing vibes!! All the best to your Becky.

    Your back porch looks beautiful. I do hope you'll post a SIMPLE recipe for saurkraut when time comes. It's something I've never tried; but love.

    A hot week ahead, at last. Cro.

  5. cro, its your lucky day! there is only simple recipes! I'll have Jim write it out for you.We make ours in a crock or plastic bucket. thanks so much cro for your well wishes for Becky, so appreciated!