Tuesday, July 13, 2010


As we came close to the Island, the enormity of it was overwhelming. On the south side of the Island a cement pad (large) had been made and a walkway taking you to the grand staircase. The wind was blowing, and though it wasn't raining there was a fine mist in the air. I felt like I was on a movie set, it was so surreal. With wobbly legs we got out of the boat, our captain telling us when to be back for pick-up.We followed everyone else along a walk way around the bottom of the island(there were rails thank goodness). Soon we came to a staircase of wide stone steps that had been carved in the rock who knows how long ago!(no rails). It went straight up.(I'm alittle scared of heights). We started climbing, I was amazed at how simple other people made this look for I felt that at any moment I was going to fall back into the ocean, crushed on the rocks below us. So, we kept climbing (actually I was crawling on all fours). Why did people keep asking me if I was alright? Didn't they know I was scared spitless! We finally got to the top, relieved, we sat down to rest and had alittle bite to eat. As we looked to the left there was alittle trail that looked like you were going over a cliff, that was the way to our destination.It looked very scary. I told Michelle to go ahead without me, sure I couldn't go any further......................(contin. tomarrow)


  1. Not again..... Come on Linda, let's have the scary bit!

  2. No kidding - the scary boat ride, the scary climb (heights and I do not go together well!) it is scary enough for me right now!