Friday, July 16, 2010

let the fun begin

Its that time again, Becky's off to her local spa for five days of special care! (aka chemo) This time its my turn to have her chillins , and they've survived Grandma so far. Yesterday we had the rules talk and each time I asked them why we needed rules they said (with a little prompting) SO GRANDMA WON'T GO CRAZY! Yep, thats why! I guess it really bothers me that its so hard, dang, I did it on my own with six kids why is it SO hard now!?  The only answer I can get is .....the's not what it used to be!

clean little boy!

Since the squirrels destroyed my last feeder I got this one hoping it'd keep them out. They still let on it, little buggers that they are....they just can't get as much.


  1. Your terrace looks very French, and very beautiful. Vines, blue painted bistro table and chairs, olives in a bowl.

    Enjoy the litt'luns. Bisou, Cro.

  2. I love the pictures... you rock mom!!!

  3. cro, yep that's the look I'm usually going for!

  4. Lucky little ones to have a grandma who can shave her head, handle bath time, write like mad and still have energy left to garden, cook and help run a business. You are amazing.