Monday, July 12, 2010

My Most Scary aka exciting experience I ever had

Does everyone dream of going to Ireland?

Well, my dream came true a few years ago....I was going to Ireland!
My friend Michelle and I flew into Dublin where we spent a few days seeing the sights, then we hopped on a bus, our destination Waterville, all the way on the other side of the country. Waterville was a cute little place, brightly colored doors, the water almost lapping up to the main street,surrounded by green hills and fields full of sheep. Our bed and breakfast was extremely nice, mouthwatering salmon and very helpful hosts. The one thing we both wanted to do was hike up to see where centuries ago Monks had built a little communtiy out of rock.We asked around and were surprised  that we could hike to see them but first we had to take a boat ride out ten miles into the sea to get to Skellig Island where we then could indeed take our hike!  Our host kindly arranged for us to be picked up by the captain of a fishing boats wife.(how nice of them!)  We were then taken to a postcard fishing village about 20 miles from Waterville, hustled into the fishing boat along with a few other tourists, and handed rain suits to put on. I was alittle see I have a very
quesy stomache and had always avoided any boat in the ocean(Alaska-fishing) knowing I'd be sick the whole time. So we started our little journey, I thought it was pretty choppy , the waves high (they didn't). It was so exciting and surprise, surprise, my stomach was fine! Poor Michelle was the one who was trying not to heave. After what seemed along time, we saw an amazingly huge rock appear out of the midst, it wasn't just a huge , jutting rock, it was the Island................. (continued tomarrow)


  1. How dare you leave us in the lurch like this.... Till tomorrow. Cro.