Thursday, July 22, 2010

star of yesterdays blog: baby conner

SO now we have two days to get ready for the bee club annual picnic at our house. I kept suggesting we move it to another place but no one ever listens to m!. Our yard and house are so far from par! Had a load of mulch delivered yesterday hoping we have time  to use it to cover all the weeds. I hired a neighbor boy to come tomarrow and help out. Was it how many years ago I remember doing this before Rachel's wedding.............and five years ago doing it before James's wedding........ The other day my Manly Man went to drop something of at our son's house and came home with a lovely gutter system for the goat barn. He had it all laid out on the lawn getting ready to install it (on his last day off til the picnic!), I merely suggested he put it aside until after the picnic and work on the MANY projects that need to be done before!! He listened to me!!.

The reason they wanted to have the picnic here was because there is going to be a bee beard contest, which is not allowed in a public place. A good rush for anyone brave enough . Should I call the local news station?


  1. Yikes! That would take a soul braver than I!
    Have fun with the picnic - and please take photos!

  2. Lady Magnon has been fussing about our unfinished building project looking so awful, but in fact people don't mind. They're coming for a good time; NOT to inspect your weeds. I'm sure you'll have nothing but compliments. Happy picnicing!

  3. thanks cro, I needed that!

    and Pondside I'll definately take pictures!

  4. You should definitely call the herald or something! I can't wait to see pictures!

  5. Hi Linda. Long time no hear. How are you doing?