Friday, August 13, 2010

Becky's headed downtown this morning. She was suppose to start a new chemo today but now they've decided to wait on that til they talk to the radiologist about some procedures, and she'll have a cat scan of her abdomen to see how her infection is doing and what its left. They thought she had a new tumor there but it turned into a horrible infection which  responded well to anti biotics. Their also seeing a naturalist this afternoon. Going at it from all directions. The tumors in her lung have either stayed the same, one has gotten bigger.She also has a new tumor on her mastectomy sight.  I think she was disappointed not to start chemo today, it must be scary thinking something else could be growing new!

Yesterday we had a fun after noon at the lake watching the children play in the water, I don't think they ever would have been ready to come home! It was nice to have some sun, and just enjoy the lovely day. Like I told Becky "life is good" (besides the cancer). Her sister in law came in last night from Utah to help for ten days. How sweet of her. So, I'm going to make a quick drive over the mts. tomarrow to see my friend who's battling cancer . Should be a beautiful drive.


  1. Linda, just read your comment on my journey blog and wanted to send you all my very best wishes. I am glad you have had a good day in the sunshine! One day at a time. xx

  2. Take some of that wonderful children-in-the-water feeling with you, and sprinkle some on Becky too.
    Thinking of all of you as you look at the good bits of life! One thing at a time.