Tuesday, August 31, 2010

its fair days .......(actually rainy days!)

My Manly Mans ribbons

Last Thurs. was the beginning of the Evergreen State Fair, located at the Evergreen State Fair grounds just five miles from us. Personally I prefer the county fairs, their much homier. We've lived here for 16 years and didn't really start going to the fair til Jim got into bee keeping. Now he's in charge of getting volunteers to work the two bee booths and for the first time , he himself is only working a few shifts. With his partner gone(our daughter) he has no one to relieve him at the store. But, so far his two shifts he's been able to take granddaughters with him, and they have a ball. Madalynn went last night and they went early to look at things, Maddy got to work at the petting zoo for awhile and even got to wear a vest(she was feeling pretty important) she was also a brave lady and went in the "bee" tent with a live hive and bee's buzzing every where. With her bare hands she showed the audience about the bees on a frame .......pat on the back to a nine year old girl! Of course there's the fair food...who can resist! The fair goes through labor day and hopefully will have better weather than today. It has literally poured down all day!


  1. Am I imagining things, or does that say 'I heart Bs'?

    Well done to Jim. The honey looks so good, and so natural (obviously).

    Bisou, Cro.

  2. Cro, I'm so impressed you figured that out, yes that's what it says! He was upset that the heart kept floating to the top of the jar so you couldn't really tell it was a heart! And yes, the honey is delicous. Blackberry.

  3. The result of a 'Visual Education'.

  4. I think our weather is starting to improve - what a shame about the rain on the fair. Good for your granddaughter - what a brave girl!