Tuesday, August 17, 2010

who gets the owl ?

Found this little treasure at a garage sale last week. The table is in great condition, the top needs refinishing but I'm just going to paint it. Have no idea where I'll put it but , just couldn't pass it up for only $6!

Now the owl I was thinkin the Romero's or Kang's might like, their all owl fans. So, which ever family comments the most will be the lucky owl owner!


  1. You can give it to Sarah, since I can tell she really wants it (and it's her birthday next month). Just don't tell Sofia!

  2. Very cute table - they just don't make then like that anymore.

  3. Love your little table,what a find. I hope you and your family are well at this very trying time god bless Pat

  4. Happy Birthday Sarah! The owl wants to come to your house! love to you

    hmmmmm what to do with the table????Any suggestions pondside?

    Thanks Pat your a dear!

    love your sense of humor cro. Thats one thing I love about your blog...it usually makes me smile.

  5. That little owl would be a hit in Madrid...Don't know why, but owls and cats are symbols of Madrid...