Saturday, September 4, 2010

autumn apples

Every year I go to my favorite fruit stand to buy apples. To have fresh, crispy, apples at my beckon call , makes me ecstatic. But, my trip this year was alittle different, I was towing along four little kiddles. Don't tell anyone but , it actually scares me to go out with that many children, especially one being a baby. What if's fill my mind.....most of them being silly, but very real none the less. So, on the way out of town the girls talked me into stopping at several garage sales (ok, so they didn't have to talk very hard). You wouldn't believe everything we "needed to get". Tickle me Elmo was our most wonderful purchase! Its as annoying as heck when its in another room, but, when your in the same room you can't help but laugh at it. Then we "had" to stop for icecream cones. One of my fears is they'll get hungry....they never do on my watch. We finally headed up in the mountains for our fruit stop.

by this time baby is asleep, so, we quietly snuck out of the car and went in to shop, running out every once in a while to check on the sleeping cherub. I let the girls pick out some fruit they wanted......the biggest hit was donut peaches. They didn't have yellow delicious yet so we settled for something else just as good. We loaded up , baby still asleep. Now I'm too tired to go for our hike so we settled for the park by the lake, when one of my fears came true.
I had to use the restroom.....what to do with girls and baby without looking like a bad caretaker?! I literally jogged over , yelling at the same time, "is everyone alright"? Well, they were, and all was well!

I'm not too proud to admit that by the time we got home I was exhausted!
Big helper Maddy helped carry things inside. I was surprised she could carry a box of apples in but, her little brother weighs the same and she carries her around. All in all a fun day but, I think its easier to stay home!


  1. You are a brave one, Linda! Delightful post.
    Sorry to hear about your daughter's struggle, hoping for the best.

  2. Linda - so glad that you had a lovely time with your girls. Love to Becky - wish her all the best.
    The trees are full of wonderful apples here too.

  3. Our apples are nearly ready to pick - I hope that this year I'll have time to do more than pick and eat them - a little apple sauce would be nice, or some chutney....we'll see.

  4. Harvest time is such a happy time. Picking fruit from the trees has always been a huge pleasure. The only trees I ever plant, these days, are fruit trees.

  5. Yes picking fruit, well, its like harvesting rewarding!My poor manly man has been nurturing his new fruit trees but over zealous grandchildren(even after little talks)pick the fruit before its ripe, the only safte ones are the high ones. I know they literally just can't help it! Yes, like you Cro Jim only plants fruit trees. He also starts trees for everyone , we call him Johnny apple seed.
    Hope you get some apple sauce made Pondside. Do you have a victoria strainer? The only way to make apple sauce. You know what's sounding good to me? Apple butter....

  6. That sounds like a fun day! Potty-breaks are a little easier once some of the kids are older!

    ...and I'm ususally exhausted once I get home from a kid outing too...I think they are too!

  7. I have the bestest mom in the whole wide world!!

  8. You are a brave, brave woman! Sounds like everyone had a blast...