Thursday, October 28, 2010

an invitation

"Come to our house and we be happy" (3yr.old natalie)

Could you ask for a sweeter invitation? Not being able to turn that down, my manly man and I will be moving in with Michael and the children next week. We'll stay during the week and if we can tear ourselves away, we'll go home on the week-ends. That's where I want to be, hugging on those sweet children!   
                                                                                                                            Life seems to offer up challenges to us through out our
lives...young and old....well, just going from young to old is a challenge in itself....challenges are just part of life and I think we should be growing and learning til the day we die. can never seem to predict what your challenge is going to be. ( guess that would "ruin" it?)  They say if we all threw our challenges into a big bowl , we'd probley pick our own back out. So, I accept my new challenge with great joy, knowing it won't be easy, but, grateful someone thinks I'm up to it.

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