Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm suppose to be taking a nap ! Shhhh. I've discovered something about my Manly Man. The first thing he says to me when we walk in from church every Sunday is , "So, are you going to take a nap?" Now as he says it I swear there's a longing in his voice! He's really wanting me to say yes! And why is that? So he can sneak off (actually he tells me) and play checkers with his buddy. I'm sorry it just makes me laugh.
We had a rude awakening yesterday morning, a very cold house. We knew the propane tank was low but, forgot to call for an order. Hoping they might get out tomarrow, worried about freezing pipes. So, as I sit in bed, enveloped in covers, wearing hat, gloves , sweater and a heating pad, I'm grateful for our warm , heated homes we can come home too on a cold winters night. Can you even imagine what it must have been like before heat? People had to have been in a constant state of coldness, chilled to the bone takes on a new meaning.
I've been reading all kinds of takes on the new year and resolutions and this year for me I am SO grateful for a new year. I know it's been a year from hell for me but, I have let so many things go in my personal life. And these things are the things that will bring me joy in the new year. Deeper prayers, reading my scriptures, those two things alone bring peace to my soul, and make my days happier. Like my manly man says, "When you do good, you feel good, when you do bad, you feel bad." So, its time for me to do better, and I'm looking forward to that!  Nite

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