Sunday, January 9, 2011

My new address book!

I'm so glad I judged a book by its cover!

I've had a rolladex for years and it's really never worked for me,

so before Christmas I started looking for an actual address book.

I finally found this one on line, and was so delighted when it arrived.

I know it's alittle silly but , you have to find pleasure in small things....

Every single letter has a different darling pattern!

I've always found joy in beautiful material, papers, I guess

you could say I'm a textile person? I've bought material that

I couldn't bring myself to use, I just wanted to look at it forever.

Looking at the beautiful quilt behind the address book I'm glad

I've been sharing some of my favorites with my daughter

who turns favorite little pieces into darling


So, I will look forward  to adding all  my favorite people on

the beautiful pages, enjoy even more everytime I need to look

up an address! 

Small pleasures~

P.S. In case your interested this was crafted by Cath Kidston~


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