Sunday, February 20, 2011

....let it shine......

This has got to be a good week it's started with three days of sunshine in a row! We really needed it and deserved it after constant rain, snow and hail just last week! Just when you think you'll never get any time to clean up winter storms from your yard, a day opens up and I got some raking done and sticks picked up . It's a start!

This coming week is the "Northwest Flower and Garden Show" in Seattle. It's our fifth year having a booth (and last). Our booth sells only  Mason Bee supplies and mason bee cocoons. We do well, but it's an intense five days. The only reason my Manly Man signed up for it this year is that we thought we'd have new owners of the store and thought they might like the chance to see how it works, and decide if they want to do it in the future. I suggested to my manly man that we back out (since the timing is bad) but we'd loose our deposit.

So, the troops have been called up, volunteers have signed up, our daughters coming with her children so her oldest can be our cashier (she's home school, they can do these things). Our favorite daughter in law Beth is coming a day, Lia wants to do a'll be fun. But, help what will I do without my other half to help in the babysitting department? Good thing I've got some of my super powers back! They'll be cousins galore come Friday, because our granddaughter Britton turns 5! Seems like she was just born!

The show it's self is spectacular! The gardens awesome, booths great, classes interesting. This year the theme is "Once Upon a Time", looking forward to seeing everyones take of  this!

Setting up our booth last year. It always
takes alittle tlc by a female.

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