Thursday, February 24, 2011

rome here we come!

When  the church first announced that they would be building a temple in Rome, I knew that would have to be our next trip.  I signed up to get e-mails regarding how the process in Rome was going . Today they sent a link  showing pictures as they begin excavation. They were crating all the old olive trees up to be replanted when the temple is done. I have to admit I was alittle disappointed when they came out with the picture of what the temple would look like. I mean its beautiful, but, I was thinking alittle more "Roman" looking? Anyway....... what I want to do when it's finished is to go to Italy and rent a villa for like  3-6 months and everyone can come visit, see the temple and site see together. Sounds like a blast to me and we really do like Italy, and it does help that my Manly Man knows Italian. When we went a few years ago he tried to get me to learn more than thank-you, hello, good-by and excuse me. "Don't you want to know what were talking about?" he asked. Being the lazy person that I am, I said , "No, not really". (I'm scared of languages ) (And my memory is so bad I can't remember what I've learned the next day!)
            I think I'll be ready to travel in a few years, so Rome here we come!

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