Thursday, March 3, 2011

To my blogger Friends!

I have a reason to celebrate!  My counter tells me I' m just about to have
                         my 20,000 hit to my blog!

My blogging started with encouragement to get on the bandwagon with my 
                                   family, something for the
           It's become so much more to me .

                         ~ a creative outlet
                      ~a chance to share things
                       that are important to me.
                    ~ I've made dear friends.
                      ~ a way to stay in touch
                         with friends and family.
                       ~And during this hard year
                       I've so appreciated the love
                       and support you've given me.
                       I'll never forget it.

                                   SO, I've got 
                         some sweet things I'd love
                                 to send someone.
                           Please leave a comment
                              and we'll have a drawing
                            when we reach 20,000!

                         Thank you all! Please just a
                             few words!                

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