Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Honey

I wrote a long blog this morning and somehow pushed a button and it disappeared. So maddening! But, I've got a few minutes so I'll write it again.

It's my manly man's birthday today. I just wanted to tell the world what a wonderful man I married.(I didn't say perfect!) We met over the violin in 7th grade orchestra. He tells me he used to look at my legs(fresh boy!)in the days when we wore dresses everyday. We didn't really pay much attention to each other til High School. I remember my friend and I sitting at a table in the library with him and his friend, mostly arguing over who was right about something and eventually getting kicked out of the library. He was such a know it all,(some things never change) I really didn't like him that much! After High School he started picking me up and taking me to the single adult outings for church. I started some flirting with him , he responded ........and then.......I found out he had another girlfriend in a neighboring town!!!  When he left to go on his mission to Italy I started writing him. Six months later he wrote and asked me to marry him! Needless to say I was shocked. He had written a list of the reasons why he thought I'd make a good wife and mother.He said he was afraid I'd be gone when he got home a year and a half later. So, just as naive as him I said yes. I did Dear John him twice but, he said he got me back and married me. It could have turned out so badly but I knew he was a good person who had the same goals I did, he was a hard worker and very smart. He's always taken good care of me and been a great dad and grandfather.We've had our hard times but we look at each other now and say how glad we are we stuck it out. Love you so much sweetie.

Were also celebrating his moms birthday today and two of our granddaughters Lily and Cozy!

He and his mother with her Harley Hat on!

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