Friday, April 8, 2011

have grandma will travel

Last night I headed over to the Olympia Peninsula to stay with the holligans while mom and dad went to Maryland on a house hunting trip. And today we were gifted with the most beautiful day we've had in ages.
No rain, snow or hail. (all of which we've had in the last week) So, needless to say we spent alot of time outdoors. Little Cozy feel asleep in my arms at 7:00, I think she was down right exhausted. 

Here's a few things said today: "Grandpa (james gets confused) I'm a space man" (see picture with tomato wires on).

"Grandma, Annika just plummeted a boy at the playground"

"Grandpa make me a mushroom (play dough)."  Throwing himself down he yelled "No!!Not that kind of mushroom"

Sofia  , Annika and I went to Goodwill today and Sofia got me safely there and back again. I complimented her on it and she said "Well, I have to do something to keep from getting bored while I'm riding."

I'm so happy to have some time with the children, their incredible kids. And I love being over here, love being close to the water.

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