Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As I sit here with my jean jacket on and a blanket over me, I'm grateful for the nice weather we had during cousin camp. The first day it rained / poured off and on all day, the next day it was cloudy/sunny out while we canoed on the lake, and Sunday it was beautiful out, Monday the rain started up again. Of course, the kids didn't care one way or another. It was wonderful having so much one on one with all the children, it's really different when you have them without the parents. Were already tossing ideas around about the next one, we have two years to plan.

We spent alot of time in the craft tent the first day (out of the rain)
decorating their staffs , and costumes.

We had some pretty awesome decorating going on.

The five year olds spent alot of time painting and crafting.

Archery was a big hit. It was so cute the younger boys just
liked to carry a bow and arrow around pretending they were hunting.

There was always a fire going and someone sitting by it.
Campfires were looked forward too, skits and singing silly
songs, and of course the marshmellow roast.

Lots of Indian dancing.

Canoing on the Lake

Kids cooking

grinding corn for cornbread

more later...............

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