Thursday, July 7, 2011

gnomeo where for art thou

Our Family Gnome is back in Portland no worse for wear. He recovered
well from a broken leg in Korea, you can hardly see any scars. His leg was
fixed by Korean Uncles .

Here he is at the Forbiden City in Beijing.

Here he is at the Great Wall of China. What a climb!

Here he is with his sweet caregiver.

Here he is napping with baby Luke at the Starfish house.
He actually loved being with the children and has multiple
friends there that he now stays in touch with.

Paul's giving him a hug, they even dressed in red and blue
to be twinsies.

He and CoCo hanging out on the high chair.

Gnomeo missed  his ride to Maryland so he'll fly there with me in August. He missed out on alot of good country side.

Stay tuned for our next Gnomeo sighting!

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