Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gnomeo's friend

Since I still can't make comments on my own blog I will have to devote a blog to saving Gnomeo's friends reputation. That is not one finger up but, two for the peace know "peace man".Gnomeo would never hang out with someone like that, and this is a "G" rated blog so my grandchildren can read it. And I'm just a "G" kinda gal!  Gnomeo met his friend in my daughters garden in Oregon, causal friends. His friend ( who I'll name peace guy) actually hailed from our town Snohomish. My manly man won him at the spinners guild Christmas Party. We knew he would get along well with my daughter who's kinda a "peace girl". Whew, now the I've saved Peace Guys reputation I can rest easier tonight.

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