Friday, August 19, 2011

ouchy ouchy

Seeing as how my arthritis has been acting up, I've decided to try
sting therapy. I know, but, I've got to go to Disneyland in a few weeks
and want to get around on my feet instead of a scooter. (which really
sounds like kinda fun! I love riding around on baby) Anyway I'm hoping
it'll help alittle before we go and then continue when we get home.
There's been great success treating arthritis with bee stings, sometimes
even eliminating it. But, because of political pharmacies you'll never
see any of it offered medically.  So, I went to the store yesterday and my
manly man got a few bees out of his display hive and stung my foot and
ankle. Today we'll do my knee. Wish me luck! And can you believe he
made fun of me because I kept saying ouchy, ouchy. Dang it hurt!


  1. Oh, the very best of luck Linda. I do hope it works for you and look forward to hearing all about your trip to Disneyland.

  2. OUCH!!!! I would try it if I was not allergic to them. :) I hope it helps!

  3. Let's hope it helps.

  4. who are you going to Disneyland with?? see you in a couple weeks...Penny

  5. Super-ouchies! I hope it works wonders for ya - so that it's worth it!

    My blog won't let me leave comments on it either, so I've started selecting "Anonymous" and "signing" my name. It works. Try it.


  6. Gosh Linda. Bee stings on purpose? Sounds like torture. I hope it works and the pain wasn't in vain.

    To Penny and Lia (above), may I suggest you both use Google Chrome (if you don't already). It seems to solve all problems, and is much faster.

  7. Hi Linda - I hope the bee stings help - you're brave! I was in your neck of the woods today and thought of you.

  8. Linda - hope your arthritis does disappear soon! I've heard that bee stings help - it's just that I've never been brave enough to try it. Scooter or not - have a wonderful time when you whizz off to Disney Land xx

  9. A nice ride in a scooter around Disneyworld sounds great. Bee stings sound awful. Good luck Linda, hope it works.