Friday, September 16, 2011

all good things have to come to an end

We had a great visit with Allicia and her family. She took us to the famous Balboa Park. It's full of art, history and air museums plus the San Diego Zoo.Beautiful gardens and fountains are everywhere.  My pictures don't do it justice.(I thought I'd lost my camera(I want a new one) but, unfortunatly I found it)

This was the childrens favorite place. Watching the turtles
and fish.  I found it very interesting what this pool had been
used for over the years.
World War I : teaching sailors how to swim
fishing pond for children
World War II: teaching rowing
After World War II : therapy pool for burned sailors

This is an ornamental fig tree, I'd never seen one before!

Isn't this beautiful!  Trumpet Vine

We were hoping to get to climb this but the man said the stairs
weren't safe anymore unless we wanted to contribute to having
it renovated.

cooling off on a hot day!


  1. Your last picture looks like my pool at this very moment.... 6 kids having more fun than is decent!

  2. People here grow figs in their backyards. Apparently the trees grow really quickly.