Monday, September 5, 2011

cupcakes the new "cake"

Cupcakes are becoming the new "cake"  for birthdays,
weddings, and special occasions.

Personally, I find them adorable!

Especially the homemade ones.
There are lots of books to help you with
this new obsession, ideas galore!

I saw this cute Dolli wrapper today, but very
pricey. Here's a site to show you how to make your own.

We have three cupcake stores now in Snohomish, and I shamefully admit
to buying some at a shamefully high price! (2.75 to 3.50).
(Their SO pretty!)



  1. It's so weird that some of your posts don't show up on my list when you blog - I wonder why that is.
    Safe trip home - or are you there now?

  2. Quit making me want cake.

  3. Love cupcakes, and so does everyone else. No need to cut , therefore, less calories.

  4. True True Starting over! Less calories is always good! Ummm I'm getting hungry.