Monday, September 26, 2011

fun times in Maryland

I'd say the rain followed me....but , it wasn't raining when I left! It's rained  almost everyday, not that it's dampened anything we've done.  I got in late Thursday night, Tony picked me up in Baltimore.(poor guy)  I can't begin to say what it means to me to see their house, street, city, where the children catch the bus, where they shop, where Lia gets her diet coke everyday, the hospital where Tony goes to school, where they go to church. Now I can go home and  picture in my mind where they are.  Friday night after dinner Tony announced we were going to do Karaoke. There's a place close by where you can rent a room and rock out. I still can't decide who enjoyed it the most, Tony or Sofia.(theie both really good) I sang a song with Annika and afterwards she said, "I can tell you don't sing very much". She would be right!


Annika and I looking for a song

This is good for a laugh!


  1. Mr Blogger won't allow me to see your videos, so I shall just have to imagine!

  2. I know what we are going to try when we visit Lia! It's so sweet to hear you are having a great time.