Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Natalie

Happy 4th Birthday Miss Natalie  !

When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted
 she said strawberry(translated to PINK).
A couple of turrets toppled on the way over
but they were an easy fix. Natalie had on her
sparkly princess dress and was flitting all over , so happy
it was her birthday. She's so cute. Her new thing since my hairs
been short is to tell me I'm a boy, and then I have to tickle her.And then when I tire of it I agree with her and tell her to call me Grandpa Linda. I love being a grandma.


  1. A cake fit for a Princess! Well done Grandpa Linda.

  2. Children never censor themselves, that is what makes them so precious.

  3. Grandparents and children - we have the best, the silliest, the most precious conversations!

  4. Happy Birthday Little Pink Princess and lots of love to Grandpa Linda xxxx