Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's wonderful to be home, so quiet compared to the crowds we've been with all week. I've found I really like the excitement while also craving the quiet times. Mr. buttercup finally gave me a kiss this morning, I think he's forgiven me.  I miss my little kitty, he's almost full grown already.  My Manly man missed his animals, and had to stop by after church today to see his store.(It was still there). Aren't we funny. Tomarrow I'll wash my clothes and repack for another trip Thursday. This time I'm headed to Maryland to visit our daughter in their new home. Can't wait to see them! Jonny will be baptized the Saturday after I get there, I promised myself when we started having grandchildren that I'd never miss their baptism's. This is the first I've had to travel any great distance for.
Something kinda fun about this trip , I also get to visit some dear friends of ours from years(and years). We met them when we were attending the language institute in Monterrey, California. We've been out of touch the last 10 years only to find out they go to church in the same meetinghouse as our daughter. He works for homeland security and she is a nurse at Bethesda. It's such a small world! Just like running into a family from here at Disneyland.(we didn't know them, just got to talking in the elevator).
After I get home from Lia's I'll be having surgery on my "paraesophogeal Hernia". Which is what caused my acid reflux, which is why the apple cider vinigar didn't work on me.I'm happy to be having the surgery but not so happy about the life style change it's going to "make"  me have. I'll never be able to eat more than a cup of food at a time. I know it'll be good for me, I'll surely loose some weight, but..............dang.  Stop complaining Linda.

Please have a good week friends, enjoy all you have.


  1. You've become quite the gadabout. Enjoy home for the few seconds you are there.

  2. You are a busy lady. I do not enjoy packing, but dislike unpacking even more, so I keep my traveling to a minimum.

  3. Have a great time in Maryland - and don't slip off to the hospital without letting us know.

  4. It's a strange thing - we have a fantastic holiday, but there IS no place like home. And then you're off on your travels again. Linda - special blessings for little Jony's baptism and won't it be wonderful to meet up with your friends again. Have a great trip, Molly xxxx