Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oregon Fun

Going to Oregon just isn't complete without going to the Tillimook Cheese Factory.
My parents took me, we took our children and now our children take theirs.After
an interesting tour, there's cheese tasting and then they twist your arm to buy
their wonderful ice cream. It's pretty hard to choose out of 75 different flavors!

We all took turns tasting each others and sharing bites.

A little hike brought us all together over the bridge.

Cute Lilly with big sister Rachel. (Don't you just
love her hat.)


  1. Rachel looks so cute in her glasses! What a great big sister-little sister picture.

  2. We never go to Tillimook without visiting the factory. We buy curds and cheddar and then a great big ice cream cone.

  3. What a beautiful family picture. How nice you can all spend time together.

  4. Pondside, You do get around! We were seeing alot of cars from British Columbia and wondering why they'd want to come to Oregon when its so beautiful up there? And how incredibly sweet of you to send me kohl dollars, I only wish I'd gotten them before I left because I did go to Kohls. Love you!Linda

  5. I love ice-cream. Linda, 75 different flavours - you'd never get me out of the place :0)