Wednesday, October 12, 2011

cabin fever!

Monday morning when my manly man asked if I wanted to join him and grandkids for an outing, I hurriedly got ready! I needed out! What was our outing? Picking out baby chicks with Bethie and the kiddles. They are going to be surrogate parents for the next month or so. Needless to say it was such fun watching them, and oh, is there anything cuter then new baby chicks?

Another star attraction was the parrot. He's
very sweet and sings beautifully. Seriously.
He did a rendition of "On Top of old Smoky".

Farmer John

Lucy had just gone to the denist and this
was the prize she chose when she left.
(Oh, man it hurts to laugh)

Here's the babies all set up in their garage. When we drove
up to their house I heard Britton say to the neighbor "We got baby chicks! Our first pet ever!" So cute.

The sick room!

After this fun outing I made my manly man take me to Target. I didn't last long but it felt good. Thanks for all the well wishes, and no Cro I'm not the suffer in silence type.....used to be. I have a bell and I don't hesitate to ring it!
Doing alot better today.
I'm on a full liquid diet now, which is a step up from broth, jello,and popsicles! Now, I can have soup and yogart. Hey, you take
what you get!


  1. Sounds like a great fun day out. Linda, I didn't know you'd been poorly. Hope you're feeling better soon xxx

  2. Your sick room makes me a little homesick. I'm glad you're progressing on the food consumption front.

    Lucy should be Mario for Halloween.

  3. So glad you got out of the house and that you are progressing nicely.

  4. And I bet you're not like me either. I make a huge fuss over a small splinter!

    Get well soon Linda; just keep dreaming of steak and chips, it won't be long!

  5. It is good to hear you are up and about. We don't spring back as easily as we used to, but all good things come to him who wait.