Tuesday, October 18, 2011

garden raped

While in Oregon this week-end my manly man cleaned out my daughter Rachel's  tomato patch. Last night I listened to chop, chop, chop for a few hours, as he slaved over a hot oven making green tomato salsa, and by the looks of it, still has alot left to do. He LOVES his salsa, so this this is a labor of love for him.
My mother used to make some sort of salsa, I wish I could remember what she called it. I remember one summer close to the end of it my parents were gone and just me and my little brother were home.(we were teen-agers) All the ingredients were in the garden getting riper and riper so I suggested to him we make this relish to surprise mom. So, we did! All by ourselves, wow I'm impressed just thinking about it.  We always had to participate in canning, so I guess we had watched it enough to know how.

Green tomato salsa (or relish)

My daughter sent this to me Sunday.....
after church naps! (I didn't end up going
so grandma Cozy took my place)
Aren't they cute!


  1. Oh, that was not nice of your daughter to take that picture, but it sure is funny.

    I do love salsa, I put it on everything. My family loves my sweet corn salsa and I have been making it almost every week for them to take home. I am kind of glad that the corn season is over though.

  2. It..'s kinda a family joke, my husband falls asleep everywhere!! How sweet of you to make salsa for the family what else do you put in your corn salsa?

  3. I have to admit that I do recognise myself in ONE of your pix; I shan't say which one. The salsa looks good.

  4. I'll bet your Mom was both pleased AND proud of her two young canners. Somehow that napping lady looks familiar....does MY mouth fall open like that? Yep!

  5. glad my tomatoes went to good use :) I am WAY to busy learning the names of a bizzion body parts to cook these days. I was going to let them go...so I'm glad Dad adopted them!!