Sunday, October 30, 2011

refurbished chairs

Before we left for Disneyland , I finally recovered my chairs....
after having the material for over
a year!
It took me all of an hour to do.........soooo
much better!
They were getting pretty yucky.

My Manly Man hates these chairs , so I keep saying , oh, I'm going
to get new ones but, secretly I really like these.


  1. I LOVE them! Especially that green. Do you have any leftovers :)

  2. Very sophisticated. I'm with Beth, I much prefer the green to the elephants.

  3. those are terrific chairs...and I love the new coverings.

  4. With the new covering, they're 'like' new!

  5. I really like the coverings. Tell your Manly Man that he has been outvoted.

  6. Beth and Cro, I was sorry when I ran out of the green too, I'll have to see if I can find it online again!

  7. Hates them???? I adore them! I meant to comment earlier but got OBE (overcome by events) so am commenting now. I think your little nook looks very chic!