Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do you ever get in a blogging funk? You wonder if it's time to quit?

Usually if I wait that feeling passes, and again there's

something to post about. Writters block, that's what it
feels like.

Or maybe it's just that its winter, a little dull out.

 Or that I'm still struggling to "feel better", and that
I'm alittle dull!

Well, I think I'll make myself some peppermint tea.

This too will pass!


  1. I have that happen all the time! We miss you... Just 46 more days!

  2. In my own case, I quite expect folk would be very happy. Peppermint tea? Why not a glass of rouge!

  3. It happens to me too, and I just sit with it. Sometimes nothing comes, and then sometimes I'll be writing a comment and think "I should be blogging this!"
    Whatever you do, I hope you have a very happy New Year!

  4. Yes I do get in a funk and yes I wonder every morning if it isn't time to quit and then I read all of your posts and I know I would miss you all so much. Deep'll be back in no time.

  5. I hadn't even read a blog until July this year, so I am a baby beginner and hardly qualified to say - however, for what it is worth, I think that it is normal to have quiet times, then something happens and it triggers off the need to do a post.

    I find your blog inspirational and comforting. I hope you continue, when your batteries are re-charged!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  6. We all feel that way from time to time.

    Your posts are always ones I look forward to reading. They are always from the heart.

  7. thank you for your encouragement! ditto to all of you!
    Crusty Cushy Cro, you know we'd miss you terribly

  8. I do, frequently. But the thing is Linda, It's not always so much as what you write, but who's doing the writing. You are one of my special blogging friends and I love keeping in touch. I'll have a peppermint tea with you and wish you and your Manly Man everything you would wish yourselves for 2012. Love Molly xx

  9. Oh, Molly I love you, it makes me so mad I can't comment on your blog! I've got to get my son in law busy again!

  10. Linda. Kim over at has recently had a big problem with 'comments', maybe if you contact her she will explain what she did to rectify.