Monday, December 19, 2011


My manly man and I are both laying in bed recovering from the flu (courtesy of the grandkiddles) while our 100 ft. cedar tree outside our bedroom window is being taken down. I know it's killing my manly man not to be out there enjoying the excitement of it all.  The tree will be missed, at least for a while. The grandkids begged us not to take it down, I wish we could have accommodated them. They used to find duck eggs hidden in the ivy around the tree, use the ivy to make tree tribe baskets(alittle invention of their own). ....memories........ things never stay the same. I do like the feeling of being a constant in their lives. 


  1. Get well soon. Grandchildren are lovely, we absolutely love ours, but they are little germ factories! Children soon bounce back, but we tend to take a little longer.

    It is always sad to lose a tree, but sometimes practicality demands - and I know that my George would be desperate to be outside too! Sympathy to your manly man.



  2. Feel better soon.....those kids have yet more germs to share with you.

  3. Oh Linda, hope you're both feeling better soon. I can't picture a 100ft tree - must be enormous.
    Have a lovely special Christmas x

  4. oh, Molly I hope you read this. My computer won't let me comment on your blog again, I don't know what it is. I can do anonymous on most but you don't have that option.....I've been thinking about you alot the last weeks hoping things are well. take care, love you lots

  5. So sorry you have the icks. :( Those contagious little Veatchlets! :)


  6. I hope you will be feeling well soon, Linda, and that you will be over this nastiness by Christmas.

    I know how you and your grandchildren feel about losing a tree that has been part of many memories. The good thing is that now maybe more light will be coming through the window.

  7. Dear Linda - I'm so sorry that you and your Manly Man are laid low with the flu at this time of year. If I lived nearer I'd bring you some soup!...but I'll just have to send my very best wishes for your recovery.