Thursday, December 15, 2011

a little bit of christmas

Since we've got grandchillins coming this week-end I quickly
put up a few lights and my little fake Christmas tree.
I'd have to say lights are my favorite thing
at Christmas, their so magical. Kinda like
watching a fire....mesmerizing.

Next week before we leave for Portland sadly everything
comes down as we start some renovations. We've been
packing Grandma up(I use the term we loosely as I
haven't done anything). Were not kicking her out
just redoing the plumbing. She'll be going over the
mountains to be with her other children.

My GP finally figured out where all of my pain has been
coming from.I kept telling the dr. I felt like I
had a broken rib....didn't feel like anyone
was know that feeling.
So, now I'm going to a chiropractor to get my
rib cage back in kilter . Pain is better. It'll be
a slow process but hope is always good!

Enjoy this last week end before Christmas.


  1. I'm sure your grandchillins will love the lights - I know our grandson finds ours magical, his face is a delight to watch.

    I hope the chiropractor is able to help you - it probably helps knowing that someone is taking it seriously.

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Not to worry, everything will be fixed and better when you return.

    Merry Christmas Linda.


  3. I wish you a pain free Christmas Linda. And I do hope your plumber isn't as big an idiot as mine. After he'd gone, recently, I had to dig up all the outside (kitchen) pipes, and replace them. Plumbers eh!

  4. Linda - I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better and manage to get someone to listen at last.
    have a special Christmas in Portland.

  5. So glad to hear that someone is finally listening to you and that you are getting some relief!
    Have a wonderful time in Portland, and good luck with the reno!

  6. am so glad about the pain thing!!! have a nice Christmas I still havn't gotton out my cards yet haha I am not a Christmasy person so I really don't decorate anymore put a little around but nothing like I use to.You take care Love Penny