Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This is what I woke up to sunday morning.
The picture doesn't even cover half the mess
Mr. Buttercup made. Naughty Kitty.
Relocating my fern to a room
that I can shut the door on.

There are a few things I love about winter
weather. The main one is
Today as I was driving to the
store to talk to my "honey"
(pun intended) the fog floated
halfway across the mountains
making beautiful layers of evergreen
trees. It just takes my breath away.
And then there's the fog
floating on the field
in the mornings.
Love it.

I went to get the mail right
before dark tonight and this
beautiful pink rainbow went
all the way across the sky.
Ran inside for my camera before
it disappeared. Isn't it pretty!


  1. It is about enjoying the everyday things in life that inspire us and keeps us going.

    Kitties can often be naughty and it is all because of their curiosity.

  2. Beautiful! There is so much beauty in the 'ordinary' when we start looking.

    Our cats are bundles of mischief, who create havoc in their quest for fun - but we still forgive them and love them. Difficult not to!

  3. That is a beautiful sky.
    I love the foggy mornings up here too, and often wish I had my camera with me as I drive to work.