Tuesday, December 20, 2011

tree down, getting better

We had a lovely  brunch Saturday at this cute
little Lucy's house. She was dressed
all Christmasey and looked
so cute with her reindeer
antlers on. Thank-you
Beth, you outdid

My Manly Man added this beautiful Nativity
set to his collection at the store this
year. Poured out of pure bees wax
they were a big hit. After making a set
for each of our children, he had all kinds
of people coming in to pour them for presents.
It's even prettier in person, so warm and soft.

Kitty Natalie with Mr. Buttercup.(Notice her
kitty ears)
It was wonderful to have the grandkids here(till we
got sick!) (then it was a waiting game til they came
to collect them) Fortunately Grandpa covered for me
and then I covered for him.

Our little Conner just turned two! We hadn't seen him
for a month and he's saying all kinds of words and
three or four word sentences. We looked at
train books alot! He's all boy let me tell
I thought it was so cute.....at the end of every book he'd
say "Amen". Well, he knew it was at the
end of something!

No more tree. We lost some privacy but I
love it! After Christmas we've got a bee
friend  that will come and cut the huge
huge, pieces of wood into boards that
we hope to use on our ceilings when
their dry. It'll be beautiful!

Grandma's off to eastern Washington , they start
on the plumbing project tomarrow. Whew, we've
got alot going on, all good, all good.


  1. You have SO much going on! And I know the feeling.

  2. Sounds like you are on the mend. Thank goodness.

  3. Lucy looks smashing in her reindeer hat. Love the pictures of Natalie and Conner too xx