Thursday, January 12, 2012

here comes the lumber mill

So, today our portable lumber mill appeared around eight this morning.
I'll have to admit it impressed me. Before you
knew it we had a pile of beautiful cedar 1x6's.I wish all the
grandson's especially could have been here, they would have been
in a trance! Well, here's a clip to help your imagination.

oh , and while your watching see if you can see alittle black kitten
running around that appeared out of no where.

I finally went out and rescued this scared little kitty, brought
it in and let it gobble Mr. Buttercups cat food down. Mr.
Buttercup was very gracious. Very curious.  But, I
think he thinks it's a mouse. He grabs it by the neck.
He's in the garage.I don't know should we keep him?
My manly man just came home with food and litter.
That is the question.


  1. An impressive machine; I've not seen those before.

  2. What a tree! What a machine! I swear my husband was drooling while he was watching it in action. You made his day.

  3. It sat at the back of that pickup for quite a while before it made its move. So cute. Looks like your Buttercup is going to accept it.

  4. Britton says "ya she should keep it. Grandma sure does love cats." :) It does look very nice.

  5. What will you do with the lumber? What a great idea!

  6. You MUST keep the kitten. Cats are happiest when they have a companion. Give Mr. Buttercups some time and introduce the new one slowly and they will become the best of friends. I bet your Manly Man has already named him/her. If not, how about calling him Woody.