Monday, January 9, 2012

spring dreams

We've had a mild winter, no complaints here, but it's about that time when we all start thinking about how wonderful it'll be to be in
the garden again! I know I've got some ideas swimming through my head and am looking forward to more time in the yard this year.
Here's some beautiful pictures to get those juices flowing.



  1. Inspirational! We have noted down a couple of brilliant ideas from that lot. I love the organic, woven shapes.

  2. I love the pictures! Although, you're yard doesn't really seem like the straight brick path sort. It would probably rebel :)

  3. I loved those to Elaine~

    No Beth we'll never be the straight row kinda people (in my dreams)!

  4. I'm in a gardeny mood too...but it's snowing outside.

    Love the woven stuff. I'm going to have to check out that gardening blog!

  5. I went and checked out that beautiful blog. Have you seen the greenhouses?! So cool!

  6. The bird nesty ones are pretty cool...
    I'll come up and help, if my mom lets me. :)

  7. Last year I started planning my garden in January. It was a freezing, snowy, depressing winter and by the end of February, I had completely blown my budget. I ordered so many plants (to be delivered in May and June) and seeds that I dreaded getting my credit card bills. This year I am going more slowly, and I hope I will make wiser decisions. This warmer weather is helping me be not so desperate.

  8. I like that little building with the cupola in the second picture. Haddock's (my veg' patch) was flooded yesterday; my neighbour emptied his pool into it. My 3 hens needed gum boots. I'll have to have a word with him; sully bug*er.

  9. poor Haddock Cro!

    Arlene we do what we have to do!

    Rachel I'd always love having you here(especially if you were helping!)We'll have
    to talk to that mom of yours!