Monday, February 20, 2012

babies galore

I just finished a moving book about the plight of children in Chinese orphanages. Its called " Silent Tears" by Kay Bragg.
There have been tons of local volunteers the last few days.I find it overwhelming,the children love it, it's wonderful to see the Chinese people develope more compassion, Amanda's greatest wish.
Lesson learned-  Do not take new toy into room to play with one child. Total chaos!  Take child out and play with him alone. I've set up a place in my room to take them.


  1. How is Rachel doing?

  2. I can just imagine the pandemonium!

  3. I can just imagine. We have some little drums in nursery that cause a similar problem....but they're so fun. It's been wonderful hearing updates from you and Rachel. Thanks!
    Miss you as always (you feel slightly further away now).
    Love, Annalia