Saturday, February 25, 2012

public transportation in all its glory

I firmly believe that you really can' t experience the flavor of a country if you don't use public transportation. Were "out in the country" here so when you take the bus into town it's the rickety old one that feels like its going to fall apart.Very rarely do you get to sit down and when you think they can't squeeze another person on or you won't be able to breath, they squeeze six on!
We've heard the new subway is nice hope to try it this week.

Grumpy nanny is kind of, off  and on. The problem is one of her charges and I have fallen in love. So as much as she sometimes intimidates me I can't. stay away. Zander has formed an attachment to me, and me him.If he catches even a glimpse of me he starts crying. I usually peek in on him a couple times a day.If he's. being played with by another volunteer I.won't. get him. But if he's just sitting in his highchair I'll get him and take him to the court yard,or to my room for a treat and lots of hugging............back to g. nanny......last night I was sitting with him in the court yard and she brought out his high chair and let me feed him and then said thank you in English. I felt honored and touched.  Unfortunately. today I went in as she was starting to feed them and once he saw me he wouldn't. eat I. felt really bad and sat beside them hoping he'd change his mind.He didn't and she was really mad and spanked his little hand four times. I got up to leave with him and she was yelling something when another nanny came in and they had a Chinese yell out.
Of course since I don't speak the language and I have no idea what was said. Hopefully her friend was telling she was acting very badly ..............and the saga of the grumpy/nice nanny continues....


  1. I'm sure there must be every sort of character there. Perhaps it will take Nanny some more time to get used to having you there - or maybe she is a little miffed at the attention you get from/give to the little ones.

  2. Oh dear. Sounds like a clash of cultures. Maybe SHE was his favourite previously!